Pay As You Go
IntCIS i-Care Pay as You Go feature empowers customers to have total control of what they pay and how much hours of support they need. If you run out of hourly credits, and need additional hours, simply log onto your account and add additional hours. Wouldn’t it be great to monitor your usage? Research has shown that an interface that allows customers to track their allowable usage adds many advantages to their business practice.

There are many advantages to the pay as you go feature. It frees you from being committed to a lengthy contractual agreement. This solution is ideal for businesses with a strict budget and only need changes periodically – businesses that require low to moderate web updates. This option is popular with businesses that do not want a legally binding responsibility that is associated to set monthly payments.

In addition, pay as you go frees you from paying high charges associated with web updates. Customers like to test out product and services before making any commitment. Pay as You Go is a great way to "test drive" the service before making a decision.

Ideal for starters that is looking for a no contract, no monthly fee, no commitment freedom. Signing up is easy!

Take advantages of the Pay as You Go feature without any commitment. In addition if you wish to upgrade from Standard to Premium Package– there is no additional fees. Pay only when you require update. Pay-as you go feature is popular with businesses that only require minimal update and therefore can't justify the cost of a Premium Package.

Weather you require monthly, yearly or custom maintenance support – we offer you smarter choices for smarter business needs.

With a 'Pay as you go' feature you only need to add $60 credit (minimum) to your account every month to keep it active. It is ideal for starters that are looking for a no contract, no monthly fee, no commitment freedom. Signing up is easy!

Here’s how it works:

  • Purchase the $60.00 credit and build your monthly plan – you can purchase it online at any time.
  • We will send you confirmation along with instructions on maintenance process (remember that we will need your FTP information)
  • You can then begin to send updates to our maintenance support specialist
  • We will inform you once your credit is replenished

Maintenance hours are deducted from your available balance. If the balance reaches zero before 30 days have expired, you will need to purchase additional credit to the account.

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