With Website Payments Standard, you can add a payment button to your site and accept credit card orders securely.

  • Managed web solution: Full – service technology
  • Managed Hosting — Monitoring and updates
  • Managed Applications – Save Time, money and space
  • Custom site design - extendable and customizable

"I set it up myself, and even though I was pretty new to HTML coding, it was really easy to figure out." — Kurt Denke, BlueJeansCable.com

Managed web solution: Full – service technology

Managed Hosting — Monitoring and updates

Managed Applications – Save Time, money and space

Custom site design - extendable and customizable

Logo integration, matching design with existing web site with images and texts

Social Media Integration

  • Content Migration: Full service content migration from your existing content management system to
  • Scalability: Infrastructure setup assistance and best practice advice around server configuration, caching, and load balancing
  • Security & Performance: Plugin code review and certification. In depth security review plus quarterly verifications of your entire. Active Site Monitoring and security detection
  • Training: Developer training, sites, tools for debugging and troubleshooting, and ways to future proof your site with proper coding , user training
  • Update service with month to month or roll over features.

Take Control of your blog
Create a blog that allows you to manage multiple users and blogs while giving you total control of how it’s being utilized. Packed with many features, your blog gives you full flexibility to edit, manage, monitor and take control of your class room environment enabling you to effectively communicate across a seamless network. Maintaining your own blog gives you complete control of your content.
Great Features at an affordable Cost
Many Educational Institutions are experiencing the time consuming process of setting up a blogging environment. In addition, there is a high cost involved to host and maintain a customized feature enriched platform. Using Gene Blog, your institution will alleviate the headaches and high cost associated with maintaining your own blog.
Customize Your Themes
Choose a unique theme from an array of templates for your blog. Pick a theme that best represents you and start creating your site. You also have many options such as changing the colors and fonts. Implement your own school color scheme, branding and any images of your choice. With your managed blog, you have the freedom to design a layout without being restricted to preconfigured designs.
Secure Permission Settings
Administrators have full control of individual user accounts. Determine the type of setting for each user - enabling both public and private viewing capability for optimized communication between parents, teachers, students and administrators.
Top Level-Security Network
With Gene Blog, security is our top level priority. Our platform is maintained over a high end security network and managed by security experts to ensure information is safely transmitted.
Park at your Designated Domain
Avoid using free blogs that attract incoming spam and advertisements. Keep all your blogs under your own domain so your users can associate your blog with your domain name. Maintaining your own domain name gives you complete freedom to access and backup your data. We can even help you implement a dedicated domain name and integrate your blog within your website - all without additional charges.
Track Detailed Usage
Track detailed analysis of your web traffic and visitors accessing your blogs. Comments and post activities can be easily tracked in details. Determine the percentage of repeated blog visitors in order to analyze topics and pages visited daily - to ensure maximum exposure of your blog spots.

About Application

What's an example of an issue that isn't covered?

Premium Support covers all issues directly regarding WordPress and Open Source WordPress plugins and themes such as BuddyPress as long as they are either custom or GPL compatible. The goal of the program is to work with your developers to troubleshoot any issues, help optimize the WordPress install, and to offer best practices on building a robust WordPress deployment. If you have systems and other issues that fall outside of WordPress – for example if you have a problem that is specific to your file storage configuration – we may not be able to assist. Other examples that are outside of Priumum Support include questions about design/CSS or configuration of your web server.

Which versions of WordPress are supported?

The current versions of WordPress as well as one version previous to the current release.

How are bugs fixed?

If a bug in WordPress causes a problem that you report, we will assign a priority level to it which determines how soon we fix the bug. Level A: the bug causes the software to completely break. We will start fixing it within 24 hours and will get you a custom fix to the problem ASAP. Level B: the bug degrades the performance of the software but a work-around exists. We will fix the bug in the next scheduled release of the software. Level C: the bug has a minor impact on the software. We may fix the bug in the next release.

How does support work?

When you sign up for VIP Support you get access to our private support forum. A support request is initiated through the ticket system.

Who should use VIP Support?

Anyone who needs extra help or peace of mind running their WordPress installation, though we primarily expect corporate users and other large-scale WordPress deployments to sign up.

What level of support is available for my Managed Applications?

We provide a completely managed environment and support to make things run smoothly. We take care of everything needed to get started – the server, the operating system, bandwidth on our intelligently routed, 100% guaranteed uptime network, and the software licenses (where applicable).

Are my applications secured at IntCIS?

Yes. The physical servers powering your applications reside in a highly secure data center, complete with closed circuit digital cameras, biometric scans, keycards, coded badges, controlled access after hours, security system monitoring, restricted access beyond the lobby and security guards 24 hours a day. Additionally, each deployment is secured behind a IntCIS firewall to ensure data connections are secure, and uses virtual private networks enhanced with IPSec technology to manage permissions of data being sent through the firewall

Does IntCIS have experience with the application(s) I need managed?

Intcis’ engineers have expertise managing and administering applications such as Oracle, Siebel, OSS software, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Zimbra, Atmail Exchange, SQL Server and many more. Please consult with your account executive for more information.

What level of support is available for my Managed Applications with IntCIS?

IntCIS provides a completely managed environment and support to make things run smoothly. We take care of everything needed to get started – the server, the operating system, bandwidth on our intelligently routed, 100% guaranteed uptime network, and the software licenses (where applicable). Learn more about our Managed applications

Cloud computing

How do IntCIS web solutions differ from other cloud services?

IntCIS web solutions for clouds are flexible, customized and built to suit a variety of needs, no matter the size or type of business. Customers have the choice in the levels and types of security, portability, standardization and management services. Furthermore, in managed instances, IntCIS support engineers are available to start and stop instances, monitor application behavior and availability, install and configure standard applications, as well as a variety of other standard system administration tasks.

What types of applications can run in my IntCIS?

While any application that can run on a server can run in the IntCIS Cloud, cloud computing is not suited for all types of resources. A rule of thumb is anything that is easily added to a load balancer to distribute requests including web servers, SMTP servers, DNS servers, and some application servers is an excellent candidate for the cloud. Always check the hardware requirements and product support before attempting to virtualize your infrastructure


What is IntCIS Service Level Agreement and uptime guarantee?

IntCIS complete SLA can be found XXX. We also customize SLAs to meet specific customer needs.

What do IntCIS Managed Services cover?

IntCIS Managed Services are suited for customers looking to leverage the skills of our Tier 3 engineers to administer their hosting, cloud, and Internet infrastructure needs. Our management and administration includes the hardware (in the case of dedicated or cloud), operating system, applications (as applicable), application infrastructure (such as database and application servers), and infrastructure, including the network and data center operations. Our engineers are responsible for installing, managing, updating and monitoring security patches, as well as service pack testing and installation. We also proactively monitor all of our equipment and the deployed application infrastructure stack, so we can make recommendations for improvements and responsiveness 24/7/365. IntCIS then works with customers to roll out any changes in a collaborative manner and appropriate schedule.

If I choose managed hosting, what type of hardware will my systems be running on?

IntCIS only uses hardware from top tier vendors, specifically Dell, IBM, and HP for managed dedicated hosting. IntCIS managed cloud hosting is available on the Business and Enterprise class Cloud.

Can my dedicated hardware be upgraded?

For most circumstances, dedicated hardware can be upgraded. Additional costs could apply.

What if I need additional IP addresses?

Additional IP addresses are provided for a one-time minimal fee, after that, IntCIS can allocate you as many IP’s as you need (ARIN regulations apply).

What happens when there is an issue with my server?

When a problem or emergency occurs, IntCIS support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in order to help you identify and resolve issues quickly. Most of the time our support department can solve issues before you are even aware there is one. We keep you in the loop with prompt communication of any challenges and time frames to solve them.
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