Premium Package is designed for businesses that require yearly or seasonal changes. With 2-months of free update packaged with 36 hours of yearly support – you are equipped to stay above your competitors with refreshed website content, flexible Rollover Hours and industries leading support team. Our I-Care Premium maintenance support gives you the peace of mind that your website is fully covered all-year- around.

IntCIS-Care Premium Package Includes:
  • A complete web update environment
  • 36 hours of update service
  • 2 months free update
  • Anytime usage
  • Flexible roll-over hours
  • Upgrade anytime
  • Broad resources & expertise
  • Multiple changes and update

  • Updating textual and graphical content
  • Website optimization for Search Engines
  • Enhancing existing features of your website
  • Validation of existing links
  • Add seasonal graphics and greetings to existing pages
  • Check & repair of E-mail forms
  • Site navigation changes
  • Updates to calendar or events page
  • Bug fixing and extended technical support
  • Consultation on any aspect of your website   

As search engines continuously search for well maintained, updated websites, it is important to keep your website established, regularly tuned, and updated. Ignoring to keep your website regularly maintained can severely hurt your site ranking with search engines. Whether we created your website or you have an existing website, we can customize a Web Maintenance plan to fit your needs.

Benefits of using i-Care Web Maintenance Solution

Keep your website up-to-date with:
  • New and current content
  • Before and after pictures
  • Products or service information
  • Coupons and special offers
  • Products and pricing changes
  • New product and services announcements
  • Online news letters
  • Employee information
  • And any changes that will keep your audience informed

  • Fresh Updates - Your website content need to stay fresh, current and relevant! Fresh websites get more traffic. Updated contents help translate and communicate better with your audience.
  • Safe & Secure-We use extreme care while making changes and updates. We know that your site and the information you supply are important to your business.
  • 24x7 Availability -A web expert is available at your fingertip whenever you require them
  • Economical, Cost-efficient and Convenient -No need to train or have a costly webmaster on staff. Your time will be freed up to run your business instead of spending hours learning how to maintain your site.
  • Flexible Maintenance Packages -choose from optional maintenance packages
  • Superior Support -Our support team consists of web experts that are specialized in all programming languages
  • Upgrade Anytime -Upgrade your package anytime based on your need
  • Quick Response Time -Our expedited response time for updates and changes will allow you to update your information quickly.
  • Application Support -we support all web environments including open source and 3rd party applications
  • Additional Marketing Value -Fresh web content keeps customer interest.
Your website is a reflection of you and offers your customers the only means of online marketing and medium of communication. Therefore it is important to take it a step further after developing a new website. Your following process should be keeping it frequently updated and accurate with appropriate information such as company news and announcements, adding new products, job opportunities, corporate information, contact information, etc. This will give your visitors an invigorating impression of your business every time when they land on your site. It not only helps you retain your existing users, but offers your new potential customers the latest information about your products and services.

Many businesses struggle to keep their content fresh due to the high cost involved, programming complexity and lack of resources. We understand that maintaining your website can be time consuming. If you do not have the sufficient time or in-house web experts, we can offer your business simple and affordable solutions to ensure your website is updated.

We offer flexible solution so you have the option for pre-paid month-to-month service giving you the freedom to use it when you need additional update. No Long Term Commitment or Contracts are required.
Most of our clients purchase the yearly contract allowing them to easily receive update whenever they need it. In addition, we offer 2 months free with our yearly maintenance solution.
  • We will offer you an estimate for the work or you can choose our web maintenance package
  • A back up copy of files we're going to edit are created.
  • We check for any broken links
  • We test how the update looks in multiple web browsers
  • We implement your requested changes and notify you upon completion   


Take advantages of the Pay as You Go feature without any commitment. In addition if you wish to upgrade from Standard to Premium Package– there is no additional fees. Pay only when you require update. Pay-as you go feature is popular with businesses that only require minimal update and therefore can't justify the cost of a Premium Package.

Weather you require monthly, yearly or custom maintenance support – we offer you smarter choices for smarter business needs.

Flexible Rollover Hours

Flexible Roll-over Feature – gives you the freedom to utilize your yearly 36 hours any way you like. If you don't use all your hours each month they will roll over to the subsequent month. Save all your hours and use it when you need it. That means if you don't use your hours as much one month, IntCIS lets you keep and use your unused hours the next month. We believe in only charging based on your usage.

Here’s how it works:
  • Sign up online for Premium Package
  • We will send you confirmation along with instructions on maintenance process (remember that we will need your FTP information)
  • You can then begin to send updates to our maintenance support specialist
  • Save your hours and use it at your convenience for ongoing yearly support
Additional Benefits

Rollover hours are unused, accumulated, Hours that carry over from month to month for up to 12 months. As a customer you can utilize the unused Anytime hours and use them at your convenience. You can avoid paying Additional charges anytime by using your accumulated Rollover Hours instead. They come in handy for those times when you need additional changes.

***Rollover hourly feature is available only for Premium Package.

***Please note that Unused Rollover Hours expire after the 12th billing period. The Rollover Hours are not redeemable for cash or credits.
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